Expert method to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube – step 2

Statistical information for this step: number of formulas – 125 (with one solved), number of moves on average: 7,45

In first step we have solved F2L (first two layers) without one corner and one edge. Now we are going to solve these two elements and orient last four edges in one step – second step!

I used my own computer program to find the formulas, but many of them I did not include into the tables. However – taking into considaration starting and ending positions of the Down- and Upper- side – there are all possible situations enabling maximum limitation of necessary moves in every situation. But this is only for completion – using bolded formulas makes this step enough effective. Printable page contains only these formulas!

Below you can find four versions of this step:
LL down – details
LL down – printable page
LL up – details
LL up – printable page

If you have completed second step, go to the last one: step 3